Clinton Campaign getting a little desperate, trying to make Hillary “likable.”

If there is one word that doesn’t come to mind when people think Hillary Rodham Clinton it’s “likable.”  Yet, that’s exactly what her campaign is trying to make people think when they think of her.  This might work for someone no one knows, not someone everyone knows. 

People don’t like Hillary, they just don’t.  Her campaign would be better served embracing that fact and attempting to make people think she would be the better leader.  She’s never going to win the beer test, even we would rather have a beer with Obama than her because she strikes us as someone who would wait to see what beer we ordered first, then order it herself claiming it, too, is her all-time favorite. 

You get the feeling you’d get more honest answers out of a used car salesman than Hillary, and it would cost you less in the end.  Not exactly someone you’re going to believe when they try to tell you that they’re really a good person, deep down.

There’s an old saying, “You can’t polish a turd.”  The Clinton campaign needs to put away their buffing rag and make a better argument before they get flushed.

Besides, who couldn’t “like” this?


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