Is MoveOn.org advising Huckabee on foreign policy?

This is no way to govern.

 We don’t generally engage in fratricide, but every once in a while a Republican will say something so stupid that to ignore it would be intellectually dishonest.  Such is the case with Mike Huckabee.

Writing if the journal Foreign Policy, Huckabee uses the same rhetoric the Left has been spewing for the last 7 years in an attempt to undercut President Bush any way they can, no matter what the long-term damage to the country.

Accusing the White House of having a “bunker mentality” on foreign policy is very Howard Dean-ian and shows a dangerous naiveté worthy of Code Pink. 

Teddy Roosevelt wisely advised, “Speak softy but carry a big stick.”  In today’s dangerous world where our enemies not only have no qualms about killing innocent women and children, and themselves, and in fact target those people, Roosevelt’s words have never been more relevant.  But Huckabee seems to of the thought that the stick is the problem, so we should leave it home and everything will get better.

How do you negotiated with someone whose goal is your destruction?  Even if you get them to give some on their end, some of your side gets destroyed. 

Look at Israel.  They have been trying to negotiate with people beholden to terrorists whose only goal is the destruction of Israel.  If the Palestinian’s goal were simply their own country they would have one by now.  But that’s not enough for the radicals, Israel must be destroyed.  Sometimes it difficult to tell whether Palestinians, if given the choice, would choose a homeland or their own destruction if it meant destroying Israel. 

How do you negotiate with that mentality if not with a big stick at your side?

The current war with radical Islamo-fascists is not a war we chose, in fact we ignored it as a nation for decades.  We didn’t use our stick, or even our fist for years.  But “making nice” with people willing and wanting to die for their cause will never work. 

Yes, we do need to work with our allies in the region and “speak softy” in trying to get them to flex the intestinal fortitude to stand up and publicly shun and shame those who sully their religion.  But what if, as they have thus far, they refuse?  Do we wait until they’re ready or do we act in our own self-interest? 

The President and Members of Congress swear an oath to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution.”  There are no qualifiers in that statement about “as long as we have support of others.” 

Having support from around the world, which we most certainly do, is helpful and important, but not a deal-breaker when it comes to preserving, protecting and defending the Constitution.  That is absolute. 

So unless Huckabee has some secret plan to change the attitudes of nations serving their own business interests (as is the case with Iran), or some sort of as yet unexplained way to interpret the Presidential oath, his mentality on foreign affairs seems to be based in the same Egyptian river the ultra-Left has been bathing in for years. 

That “we can understand and hug our way out of anything” attitude is nearly as dangerous as those who seek to do us harm, because it’s what got us here in the first place.


1 Response to “Is MoveOn.org advising Huckabee on foreign policy?”

  1. December 15, 2007 at 7:02 pm

    Well, that was written well, the content is just more of the same knuckle-dragging mentality that got us into this mess though. This approach of going to kill people to show them that it’s bad to kill people is bad policy…through and through. This Administration will forever be tainted with the choices they have made. What got us in trouble in the Middle East is the oil. What was it Osama said, the three things ?? Oh yeah, he wanted our military bases out of Saudi Arabia, justice to Palestine, and for oil to hit $100 a barrel. Hmmm. And starting a war on terror is going to do as well as the war on drugs, it’s going to cost taxpayers millions of dollars with few or no results. One result we will get is stricter laws in our own country that will trounce our civil liberties and privacy, and another result will continue to play with fire near a powderkeg of hate in that region. Remember, terrorism is a tactic, get it? to terrorize! This White House has now used a similiar tactic in a region in the world to do the same…terrorize. With the hotbed of hate for this country getting hotter in the Middle East, we continue to push corporate greed in the faces of innocents. I agree, we must defend ourselves and be prepared, but we cannot allow crooked politicians to get away with criminal activities. I suggest you start following the money, and see what this war is really about. And then you mention Iran, but not a mention that they assisted us in Afghanistan, and then we turn around and say they are the “Axis of Evil”, thats showing appreciation isn’t it? And by threatening war on Iran as this White House has tried to do does nothing more than stir up more hate, and as Pat Buchanan has stated it makes it look like a war on Islam, do a couple of guys who praise Chris Hitchens and one I know for sure is no fan of Church (other than one) want a Holy War? There are options out there, but the current war on errors is not a good one. Take care and watch your back.

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