Socialist paradise – Amazon can’t offer free shipping in France.

This is not the FBU, just an example of people complaining in France.

If you want to see where liberals want to take us as a nation but don’t think it really means government intervention in all aspects of our lives, just look at what happened Wednesday in France.Regulation, heroin to liberals, seeps into every aspect of life in a socialist country.  Competition, after all, is a bad thing in a system with the goal is no one ever getting ahead. 

While workers strike at the drop of a hat over the prospect of being allowed to work longer hours than the mandated maximum of 35 hours and farmers shut down the country every time the broken economy looks to them as a way to waste less money, even things as simple and small as books fall under the regulation foot of France.

Amazon.com was offering free shipping to customers in France, a pretty good deal, especially this time of year.  But the French Booksellers Union (yes, they’re a real organization in France) didn’t like that, they thought it gave Amazon an advantage over other stores.  Instead of, oh, doing something crazy like calling for lower prices, better service or any number of other options available to them, the FBU brought a lawsuit against Amazon…and won!

Just look at this line from the story:

Retail prices, particularly of books, are tightly regulated in France.

Re-read that line and think about it.

The story continues:

Using “loss-leaders,” or selling products below cost to attract customers, is illegal. Other restrictions apply to books retailers must not offer discounts of more than 5 percent on the publisher’s recommended price. Many independent booksellers choose to offer this discount in the form of a loyalty bonus based on previous purchases. Larger booksellers simply slash the sticker price of books.

But the free delivery offered by Amazon exceeded the legal limit in the case of cheaper books, the union charged.

The top court in France agreed that offering free shipping to customers was unfair and illegal. 

Could you imagine a case like this making it to the Supreme Court?

Depending upon how the next few election cycles go you may not have to imagine it.


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