Hillary’s new perfume – Desperation by Calvin Kline

I f*cking hate you!  This was supposed to be EASY for me!As caucus day approaches the campaign of Hillary Clinton is getting more and more desperate.  Seems Oprah had a bigger impact than anyone thought.

There is now second-guessing and infighting in the campaign as people are now questioning lead guru Mark Penn’s “cautious, poll-driven approach” to running the show.  At least campaign insiders now admit the campaign is poll-driven rather than principle driven. 

Seems all that talking Bill and Hillary did in the 8 years they were in the White House, the talking that gave her all the experience she now claims, didn’t really cover how to get elected when you have to do more than simply show up. 

Winning the Senate seat from New York isn’t a very big accomplishment, especially when your husband is the popular current President and and the party clears the way for your nomination.  This is really Hillary’s first challenge, and she’s not handling it very well.

Her camp is so afraid of Obama that they’ve taken digging up dirt to a new level.  So far we’ve heard about his kindergarten essay on wanting to be President, now we’re hearing about things he already confessed to in his first book, his drug use as a kid

The Clinton cronies are trying to tar Obama as a dangerous nominee because he used drugs as a kid, and if he used drugs as a kid who knows what other dirt is out there?

A campaign adviser said:

“It’ll be, ‘When was the last time? Did you ever give drugs to anyone? Did you sell them to anyone?'”

“There are so many openings for Republican dirty tricks. It’s hard to overcome.”

Democrats always lament the “Republican dirty tricks” squad while they stab people in the back.  If the “dirty tricksters” were half as good as liberals claim they are, Republicans would still control Congress. 

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again now: When it comes to liberals, if you want to know what they’re up to just take a look at what they’re accusing others of doing.  It’s like a magician, all the action is happening away from the flailing hand that has your attention. 

Later, Bill Shaheen apologized for the statements he made above, once they flopped and were seen as the desperate attempt to stop Obama.  Shaheen said:

“I deeply regret the comments I made today and they were not authorized by the campaign in any way.”

Yeah, right. 


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