Peace on Earth: Bush plans labeled by Democrats as “bankrupt” seem to be working.

Michael Barone points out with his usual eloquence that the world is a safer place now than it was this time last year. After the elections, Democrats had promised to hurry and finish the defeat of US troops in Iraq, would safely not invade Iran, and North Korea could run free like a spoiled little brat.

Now, North Korea has agreed to not destroy the world, Iran halted it’s nuclear program in 2003 (coincidentally the same year that the U.S. showed it would use force when it perceived a danger to the world at large; what an amazing, tremendous coincidence…), and last but not least, the surge in Iraq worked. Not to be forgotten, but Libya also disbanded its arms programs not too long ago. So, to recap, that’s 4 countries that now do not, and are not, building nuclear weapons or biological weapons. Maybe this will give John Kerry the chance to turn the flip-flop into a trifecta…he was for it before he was against it, maybe now he’ll be for it, again.


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