Only 13 years to reaccomplish going to to moon! WOOHOO!

It sure is pretty, but only from a far...and for free.NASA announced yesterday that they’re on schedule to go to the moon by the year 2020.  Sure, we went there in 1969 and haven’t felt it necessary to return since 1972, but think of it this way – maybe it will revitalize the popularity of Tang!

How many billions of dollars will it end up costing us to go where we’ve been already?  No one knows, or at least they aren’t saying.  But be the house on the fact that it will be more than it’s worth.

Here’s an idea; there are crazy billionaires out there, Richard Branson comes to mind, let’s open up space to crazy rich people.  If the moon is worth going to someone with some serious bucks will find a way to make it there, and at a profit. 

Sure, the first time we went we got some useful thing in return, the microwave, computers that aren’t the size of an office building that spit out cards with holes punched in them, dehydrated foods, etc.  But what are we lacking now?  Better question, what are we lacking now that it is the responsibility of the government to develop?  It’s not like the government is swimming in microwave royalty checks.  Private industry took what NASA did and took it to the next level (except Tang, which remains at the same level it has always been), so cut out the middle man and let private industry have at it. 

If there is something useful in going to the moon let private industry find it.  The government is wasting more and more money every year, it’s time to call it a day and only do the things we can afford and returning to the moon isn’t one of them


1 Response to “Only 13 years to reaccomplish going to to moon! WOOHOO!”

  1. 1 Tucker
    December 11, 2007 at 8:41 am

    Ahh, thirst-quenchingly delicious… Thanks NASA. Thanks for Tang.

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