But a portion goes to charity, so he’s got that going for him.

How do you get rich off of stupidity?  Make a movie with a liberal agenda then milk that teet till it’s dry. 

Believe me, please!  I have no other talents!Al Gore is doing just that with global warming, jetting around the world on private jets making hundreds of thousands of dollars per speech, and just being a jackass to those who pay through the nose to hear him.

For a recent speech in London, Gore spoke for a half our and paid more than £100,000, which breaks down to more than $6,000 per minute

Not to worry, “Mr Gore donates a percentage of all of his speaking fees to the Alliance for Climate Protection.”  How much?  50%?  25%? 2%?  Who knows, but the fact that it’s not 100% shows just how much the multi-millionaire Gore really fears for the future, unless he plans on making a raft out of money when the flood comes.

In 5 years, when it becomes clear that the public has been ripped off and lied to, Gore’s sainthood will be tarnished.  But he’ll still be filthy rich off the gullibility of the general public thanks to the willing participation of the media. 

By the way, if you’re at all interested in facts in this debate (we know, most people aren’t), check out this one – the ice isn’t melting


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