Guess this means Osso Buco can put Chelsea’s picture back up.

Just two private citizens talking to everyone they run into about politics.

 Remember a few months ago when Bill Clinton had his lawyers send a letter to Osso Buco restaurant demanding they take down a picture of the owner and Chelsea Clinton from their wall because she was a “private citizen”?  We made the argument that the Clintons had used Chelsea as a political prop for years, and since she posed for the picture, it was wrong and stupid of Clinton to ask.  Today that was proven true.

Chelsea, private citizen, is hitting the campaign trail with her mother because, well, her mother is fading in the polls.  Expect speeches about how great of a mother Hillary is, etc., etc.

This is also because Obama is bringing the biggest player in politics in years onto the stage with him, Oprah

Will it work?  Who knows, but it does smell of desperation considering the letter Bill’s lawyers sent.

One thing is now certain, Chelsea is fair game for picture taking and wall hanging at eateries all over the world.


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