It’s First Friday! Here’s how it’s going to work.

Yes, it’s the first Friday of the month, therefore we’re having a happy hour.  But this happy hour is different from others around town, and even different from the ones we had in the past.  Here’s the lowdown.

ThomasFirst, we are having special guests, as usual.  But we’re having two of them.

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich is coming, not sure what time but we suspect early, so get there early (like 5:30-5:45).Gingrich

We’re also having the number one syndicated columnist in the world, Cal Thomas, who is also a Fox News contributor and author.

Copies of Cal’s book, Common Ground: How to Stop the Partisan War that is Destroying America, will be available at the event, and credit cards will be accepted.

Second, since it’s the holidays we have some surprises (both planned and things we’re just hopeful for).

We’re giving stuff away!  Bring your business cards (because we don’t have a budget so we aren’t going to buy tickets) to enter a drawing for one of the following prizes:

An autographed copy of My Grandfather’s Son by Clarence Thomas.  Yes, it’s real, and it will be yours if your card is draw.

Three autographed copies of With Reagan by former Attorney General Ed Meese.  Yes, they’re real and one of them could be yours, too.

A $20 bar tab for a future First Friday.  With the prices of our drink specials you will even be able to get a friend buzzed (offer not valid if your friend is Teddy Kennedy – we can’t afford that).

PinkertonThe 2 DVD set of An Inconvenient Truth and The Great Global Warming Swindle. See both sides of the issue (Yes, Al Gore, there are two sides) and make up your own mind based upon the one thing all too often missing from discussions of global warming – facts.

That’s it, for now, but we’re going to keep looking to add things to this list all day, so you’ll have to show up to find out if we’re successful.

Additional entries.

We don’t want your money (well, we’d take it if you’re giving it, but we aren’t going to charge you anything to enter), so everyone gets one entry.  However, if you purchase one of Cal’s books you can drop 3 extra cards into the bowl.  Why are we doing this?  We like SteeleCal, we like his book, and we want to thank him and those of you who get a book to get signed.  That’s all.  You can cross someone off your Christmas list AND increase your odds of winning one of the great prizes.  (Note – Bribes will work, too!  Not really…)

The Where and When.

First Friday goes from 5:30 till 9:00 at Union Pub.  Union Pub is located directly across the street from the Heritage Foundation and just a few doors down the street from Lounge 201.

How do you get in?

We take up the back room at Union Pub, and probably a large portion of the patio since Hitchensturnout will be large (don’t worry, they have 7 industrial heaters out there that will be fired up), but to get in and get in on the deals you have to sign up for the email list.  If you got an email from us today, you don’t have to do anything, you’re in.  If a friend forwarded you the email, you have to go to the homepage, www.itsfirstfriday.com, and enter your email address.  That’s it.  Do that and you’re in.

What are the specials and how do I get them?

The specials are pretty damn good, if we do say so ourselves.  Well drinks (not top shelf booze, for those of you who don’t know that) are $2.50 (they’re $4.00 for everyone else) and draft Bud, Bud Light, Miller and UP’s House Amber for $2.95 (normally $4.00) and $3.00 off chicken wings (which makes them $5.95 instead of $8.95).

You get them by being on the email list which will get you A HAND STAMP, which you must show to the bartender to get the deals.

You can order from either of the bars or any of the servers, but will have to open a new tab with each of them, if you order from more than one.  So if the wait is too long at the back bar you can go to the front bar and get the deals, but you have make them aware that you’re with First Friday and open a new tab.  Pretty simple, but please don’t forget to close out all of your tabs, if you open more than one.

AND TIP WELL.  The staff is very good to us and bust their asses, so be kind to them.

Oh, and one more thing.

Norquist and HitchensSince this is our 6 month anniversary and the last First Friday of the year, we thought we’d mark the event by trying to make it as memorable as possible.  To that end, we’ve emailed and invited back all past special guests from previous First Fridays.  We specifically said we didn’t want to hear back as to whether or not they’re coming, just to show up (hey, we want to be surprised, too).  Will any of them show up?  No idea.  But we’re still surprised they showed up the first time.  And since, thanks to all of you, they’ve uniformly said they had a great time, there’s a chance.  So, while it’s a long shot (since we didn’t ask till just the other day), keep your eyes open for Bill Sammon, Christopher Hitchens, Grover Norquist, Michael Steele or Jim Pinkerton.  And let us know if you see them because we don’t know either.  Though none of them wrote back to say no…(Hell, maybe even Steven Weber will show up, though we highly doubt he’d jet out today.)

That should be it (damn, this is long).  But if you have any more questions email us or Sammonleave a comment here and we’ll answer it. 

Otherwise, try to get to Union Pub as close to 5:30 as you can.  We’re going to be crowed tonight and Newt’s original plan was to be there right at 5:30 (this was before he had to cancel then recommit) and Cal should be there right about 6:00.  As for the rest, your guess is as good as ours.  But considering we got them in the first place, don’t be surprised if at least one of them shows up.

One last thing.  We do have a Facebook Group, so join it.  We don’t do much with it as far as messages go (the blog and podcast handles that pretty well), but we do post some of the pictures up there a day before they’re on the blog, so you can check them out before anyone else.

Now that’s really it!  See you tonight.

First Friday: Be there or be talked about.


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