Douchebag of the Week

You are a Douchebag!West Virginia Rep. Nick Rahall gets this week’s award, but it really should be shared by Pelosi, Reid and CA Rep. George Miller who are all just as responsible for the legislative abomination that was the Energy Bill.

First, there’s a thing called democracy.  And in democracy we have a process where we get to debate legislation in an open public setting so the all the people’s interests can be served.  That didn’t happen over the Energy Bill.  Instead of having a regular conference, as they do with almost every other major piece of legislation, the Dems huddled behind closed doors and to piece together our new energy policy.

And what did we get? Higher taxes, more government regulation and unrealistic mandates.  Did we get any energy to meet higher demand and lower gas prices?  Nah.  But that was kinda the point.

The Democrats energy future is a mandate to consume less.  And if Al Gore and the Motion Picture Association of America can’t convince you to buy carbon offsets, then Congress will simply pull the plug. 

Here’s how it works: They first attack businesses by enforcing new CAFE standards and raising taxes.  Hihgher costs will either be borne by the consumer or the company will be driven out of business.  Then they mandate higher use of renewable fuels, but then turn around and ensure they are a poor business investment.  Last they force states to adopt these high standards knowing there is no way to meet them (How exactly is the southeast US supposed to make wind energy when they are under the constant threat of hurricanes?). 

So here we are.  Oil prices are heading up.  There’s no investment in technologies to make the resources we have here cleaner.  And the Dems are shutting off the lights. 

Luckily it looks like the Senate is going to put a stop to it.  But for the effort, Nick Rahall is our douchebag of the week.


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