You heard right, Cal Thomas and Newt Gingrich are coming to First Friday this Friday.

Cal ThomasWe were lucky to get Cal Thomas to come hang out with us and sign some books, but we heard back late yesterday from Newt Gingrich’s scheduler and we got doubly lucky; Newt is coming too!

So we now will have the most widely syndicated columnist in the world and the former Speaker of the House.  Not bad for a no budget operation, eh?

Here are some of the details, the rest will come on Friday in the email.

As we’ve said before, you have to sign up to get the drink specials.  So go to the homepage and sign up, if you haven’t already.  If you use hotmail you may not get the email as Microsoft has been bouncing back some of the emails because they think we’re spam.  So Newt Gingrichif you have a hotmail account and a different account, use the second one.  We only send out one email a week (usually Tuesdays when the new podcast is posted) and one the day of First Friday, so if you use a work email you won’t get spammed.  And we don’t share our list.

Cal’s book, Common Ground: How to Stop the Partisan War that is Destroying America, will be available for purchase and autographs at First Friday, and you should be able to pay by credit card.  So you can cross someone off your Christmas list, even if it’s just you.

Bring your business card because if you purchase Cal’s book you will be entered into a drawing for one of the following prizes.  A $20 bar tab at a future First Friday, an autographed copy of With Reagan by Edwin Meese, a copy of the 2 DVD set of An Inconvenient Truth and The Great Global Warming Swindle or an autographed copy of My Grandfather’s Son by Clarence Thomas. 

Our guests may show up as early as 5:30, so you’ll want to get there early too.  How long they stay depends upon you. 

We don’t do speeches at First Friday, it’s just people hanging out.  If you want to talk with one of the special guests all you have to do is go up to them and talk.  They know why they’re there, so don’t be shy.  The chance of running into these people at a bar randomly is about zero, so take advantage of this opportunity. 

We are hoping and expecting turnout to be heavy since we have 2 high-profile guests, so getting there early is probably a good idea. 

You will need get your hand stamped, which being on the email list gets you, in order to get the drink discounts. 

All the logistical stuff will be send out in the email Friday, so don’t panic now and send emails asking questions.  Just wait till Friday, check back here for updates and make sure you spread the word.


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