Hillary has the support of some people who once walked past this church.

It’s amazing what the Clintons think they can get away with, probably because they got away with so much in their 8 years in the White House and there is no major drum-beat by the media trying to gain access to the hidden documents they are keeping in cold storage in Little Rock.  But slowly, as the crown of inevitability slips from her head, the media is not taking everything Hillary’s campaign is saying as gospel.

Such is the case with the list of “endorsements” the Clinton Camp has been touting from South Carolina’s black religious leaders.  Seems not all of them are “leaders” in the traditional sense that they lead anyone or anything.  Some of them are wives, some are were elders and still some were not even members of the churches in which they were supposed to be “leaders.” 

The list seems to include anyone remotely associated with a black church who likes Hillary.  And the campaign’s definition of leader seems to go all the way down to anyone who may have been the first out of the parking lot on any Sunday ever. 

Ah, the joys of press scrutiny. 


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