“Say, how much do you want for that wheelchair, mister? I’ll pay quadruple!!!”

Kudos to the New York Times for their report on Medicare’s wasteful spending.  The graphic alone illustrates the point that socialized medicine is a recipe for disaster because it actually increases the cost of health care due to lack of profit motive.  And don’t give us any of that ” lower administrative costs” nonsense.  But, read the whole thing as it gets to some good details.  Like how medical supply companies (along with the AARP), which benefit from ripping off taxpayers, manipulate old folks, wielding them as a horde of crotchety unpaid lobbyists.  Seniors, by and large, have enough time on their hands to crank out incredible quantities of angry letters and phone calls to their representatives, who proceed to screw over young workers because they are well aware that old people always vote, and young people are not even paying attention.  The prognosis gets even worse with the realization that the enormous baby-boom generation is about to start suckling at this foul pig-tit of a program, funded by the hard work of young adults trying to start families and businesses. 

What well-meaning left-wingers never seem to understand is that, as illustrated by this program, a welfare state always pits the interests of those who take, and take, and take, against the rights of those who bust ass creating the wealth that gets confiscated to foot the ever-growing bill.



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