You know things are bad when even the New York Times editorializes against you.

The recent developments in Sudan and Saudi Arabia have served to help highlight what we’re up against in the war on terror.  Beating women for naming a teddy bear Mohammad or riding in a car with a non-family member male is insane, and no loving God would support that, unless  they’d had their words bastardized by lunatics seeking power, like you have all too often in the Middle East.  We can only imagine this is allowed to stand and be presented as the norm because to speak out against it is to risk death. 

It’s seems to us that an all-powerful, loving God could handle the fact that some people would disagree with him, otherwise we’d all be worker bees with no free-will.  But that’s just our thoughts, back to the show.

The threatened beating of these women was too much for even the New York Times, who today editorialized rather effectively on the subject.

Muslims who wonder why non-Muslims are often baffled, angered, even frightened by some governments’ interpretation of Islamic law need only look to the cases of two women in Saudi Arabia and Sudan threatened with barbaric lashings.

Sadly, it wasn’t enough for NOW, the self-proclaimed women’s rights organization.  Their front page screams for low-cost birth control as some sort of missed Constitutional right and demanding government regulation of the Internet through Net Neutrality, but nothing on the plight of these women.  One headline asks, “Are Women Human?”  Yes, clearly, though we can’t vouch for the leadership of NOW.


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