“They polled it.” How Streisand came to endorse Hillary.

As we said in the Podcast, Oprah coming out for Obama and campaigning with him will be a net-plus for his chances of beating Hillary Clinton in the primary.  Oprah will bring people out to those events who support other candidates but might hear something from Obama they like and start to think differently.  Being faced with the undeniable star power of the most powerful woman in the world, the woman who wants that title couldn’t just sit by and do nothing.

But attacking Oprah is about as smart as jumping into a pool filled with rattlesnakes, so the Clinton Campaign knew their usual method of operation would backfire here.  They had to come up with something else, so other way to get some attention themselves.  Enter Babs.

Seeing this live will only cost you $1,000 and your soul.Barbara Streisand, who was apparently a singer of some sort but who hasn’t had a hit since before we were born, announced on the she was officially supporting Hillary to following day.  What a coincidence!

The fact that Babs supports Hillary is no shock to anyone, the timing is fishy, though.

But the most telling part of the article is the admission by one of Streisand’s flying monkeys that the Clinton Campaign polled whether or not an endorsement would be a net-gain or not. 

“…the campaign says it’s a net plus. They polled it. Among Democratic primary voters, even in places like Iowa, they love Barbra.” (emphasis added)

This is typical of the Clintons, who polled on where to vacation and what type of dog to get.  This leaves you wondering they are real people with real opinions, or opportunistic wind-socks that will do anything to obtain power.


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