Douchebag of the Week.

You are a douchebag!This week’s winner has been trying desperately to get his hands on the certificate since we started the award.  He’s come close many times, and did recieve many votes in the past, but came up just short…until now.

Congressman John Murtha is seemingly the last person on earth to realize the surge is working, but he did finally realize it.  Over the Thanksgiving break, Murtha took another trip to Iraq, this time with the blinders off, and saw the light, sort of.

Murtha admitted “I think the ‘surge’ is working.”  He also admitted that “the sun rises in the east,” “water is wet,” and “snow is cold.”  Still no admission that he’s corrupt, however.

But, being John Murtha, Generalissimo of the surrender monkeys, he called for pulling out of Iraq anyway.  Why let success get in the way of defeat?  After all, he has radicals to appease. 

Expect John to write (or have written for him) some sort of rambling post on his blog at Huffington to explain what he meant about the surge working, while he’s a hero to the uber Left, they won’t hesitate to attack him either.  Until then take comfort in the fact that even he finally had to acknowledge reality.

But for trying to have it both ways, by trying to force our country to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, you, John Murtha, are our Douchebag of the Week.


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