CNN debate fallout continues to grow.

As we said before, CNN was either duped or a willing accomplice with the Democrats to plant questions they deemed favorable to their cause in the YouTube debate this week.  It turns out there were even more people with Democrat ties who posed as “undecided” voters.  John Fund writes:

It seems more “plants” are being uprooted with each passing day. Almost a third of the questioners seem to have some ties to Democratic causes or candidates.

Who is to blame for this, CNN or the Democrats?  And what does it matter?

Well, CNN is to blame because they chose the questions without looking into the background of the questioners.  We aren’t suggesting a full FBI background check, but is it so difficult to click on a YouTube users profile and see what else they’ve posted or written about themselves?  And if you’re going to fly one of the questioners out to the debate, you might want to look at them a little more closely so you don’t end up bringing out someone who serves as co-chair of Hillary Clinton’s veterans’ committee.

The debate questioners were supposed to undecided Republicans since it’s a primary debate, but CNN didn’t even do the minimal checking to see if the questioners were Republicans.  We suspect the reason was the questions fit the questions the CNN staff would’ve asked if they had the chance themselves.  That would explain why so many were liberals pretending to be undecided (in the case of CNN staff, pretending to be unbiased).

This isn’t the fault of Democrats, anyone could pose a question, but it does expose their underhandedness and fear of the upcoming election.  The underhandedness is obvious, pretend to be something you’re not, which liberals have to do in order to win votes from anyone other than fellow liberals. 

The fear is less obvious, but there just below the surface.  If they were as confident as they are portraying themselves, stunts like this wouldn’t be needed, and wouldn’t be worth the risk.  Now they’ve been discovered, and it’s the Democrats that look bad, look paranoid, look shady and evasive.  That’s a good thing for us and talking points for whatever candidate goes into the general election.

While the questions were seemingly loaded in the debate, none through anyone for a loop and created a “gotcha” moment.  Had Republicans known in advance the questioners were already decided against them, their answers probably would not have been any different. 

On the other hand, Democrats were so afraid of Fox News that they pulled out of the opportunity to speak to the largest cable audience out there for fear of getting tough questions.

Which party really has what it takes to lead the free world in the War on Terrorism?


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