Osama to Europe – Get out of Afghanistan. Will they listen?

I totally love Disneyland.Osama bin Laden has (allegedly) released another tape warning Europeans that:

The American tide is ebbing, so it is best for you to press your leaders to change their policies.”

In other words, get out of Afghanistan or else I, from my coward cave, will send idiots and naive children to blow themselves up in your cities.  No word on whether or not Europe will listen, but…

We’re getting to him, this much is clear.  Afghanistan is not the “Holy Land” that Saudi Arabia is, so why is bin Laden upset that troops are there?  Could it be because he’s sick of living life on the run?  Living in caves?  Not being able to walk around freely?  Not having much luck recruiting goons to do his bidding while stuck in a hole?  It’s not like Afghanistan is his homeland, either, so there has to be something else at work here. 

He’s still living a better life than he deserves, he should be tortured for years in secret, then put out of our misery in the public square – left to rot, fed to farm animals and whatever is left buried facing down. 

You could say we don’t like the guy.

Just a quick question: How long till Democrats start using this as a talking point?  “See, even bin Laden knows we’re losing in Afghanistan!  We have to get out of Iraq!”  Sure, doesn’t make much sense, but neither do the Democrats. 


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