The Politics of Hope, and The Politics of Two Americas.

Hoping you don’t get called out, and yes there are two Americas, and you can be part of both.

In a study to be released today, the Wall Street Journal points out that Obama and Edwards equate to little more than liars.  The study points out an incredible and amazing fact that has never been comprehended by the left no matter how many times it is spelled out for them: people move upwards in income over time.  

The Treasury Department tracked some 96,000 income returns between 1996 and 2005. It found that over half of those who started in the poorest income bracket had moved to a higher bracket within ten years. 

Of those starting in the second-lowest quintile, half moved into the middle quintile or higher within that 10 years. 

Here’s where Dems play “gotcha.” They will ask about the 40 percent that stayed in the poorest quintile.  Well, if they must know, those incomes almost doubled. 

Those in the poorest quintile of earners on average make 90 percent more than they had 10 years before if they actually worked and held a full time job.  Most of those we call “poor” are young workers in entry-level jobs. Swiftly they work their way up the ladder through merit based skills and production.  They are not “chronically poor.”

John Edwards will cry a little here and tell you “the rich” only get richer, even though he himself rose from nothing to become fabulously wealthy. Not so fast. The top one percent lost a quarter of their income.  Considering that tax payers already contribute to $1.5 Trillion (that’s Trillion with a T) in transfer payments every year, it hardly seems as if we need higher taxes to take care of the poor who are already taking care of themselves.


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