Even when getting it right the Left has to attack our troops.

I got what I had coming.This post on Huffingtoncrap.com really nails Ernie “Che” Guevara for being the butcher and hypocrite he was, though a great many of those leaving comments seem to think what Ernie did was all well and good because he supported the right things (check that section out to get the real pulse of the Left).

The post runs quickly through Che’s life as a murdering madman for communism, not an exclusive club, but one where Che has gained near-God status.  Though not much detail is given since it’s a blog post and not a book, John Ridley does a pretty good job of pointing out the Che is nothing to admire or aspire to.

But he goes off the reservation once and really, in one line, loses his focus and therefore us as a reader.  Perhaps because Arianna simply won’t allow a post without something attacking the war in it or it’s really how he sees things, he makes an attack on our troops serving in Iraq.

What is in little dispute is the savagery of his tenure as the commander of the La Cabaña Fortress prison. Think of it as Cuba’s Abu Ghraib. In a mere five months Guevara oversaw and personally signed off on the execution of as many as 500 people. Men, women, children. Not all merely loyalists to overthrown Cuban dictator Fulgencio Batista. Also executed were political prisoners, dissidents, artist, intellectuals and homosexuals.

In what world does the wholesale murder of 500+ people for reasons as insignificant as he listed warrant a comparison to Abu Ghraib?  One man ordering the killing of hundreds reminds Ridley of a few douchebags running wild and forcing prisoners to do things for which those responsible were convicted and are now serving jail time?  What does he think of our troops in his heart of hearts? 

The mistakes and stupidity of Abu Ghraib are nothing compared to the death camp Che ran and to reference one to describe the other in the way Ridley did is nothing more than a straight-up attack on our troops.  Ridley should remove the line from an otherwise interesting piece. 


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